Simplifying Health since 2015

At Integrative Health and Heart, our mission is to treat all our patients as the medical VIPs. We value your time, budget and help ease your journey to meet your health goals by advocating and navigating through the medical maze.

Healthcare not Sick-care

Health Span Not Just Life Span
Quality vs. Quantity: it is not enough to live longer, rather it is important to live a life of meaning and vitality. To that end, we collaborate with you to reach your health goals, by beginning at your medical starting point and working on achieving your health goals so you live a life of quality health.

We Align Incentives

We save you money
By removing much of the traditional bureaucratic barriers, we are able to lead you to more cost effective evaluation and treatment, such as cheaper blood tests, imaging and medications.

We Lower Cost

We save you time
Money will come and go, but time will never return. By leveraging technology and your smart phone, we are able to address your medical needs after hours via text, phone calls, email or video conferencing at time that is convenient to you, thus making use of your time more efficiently.

Simplifying Health… Just you and your doctor


Like a gym membership, your monthly membership fee covers your unlimited virtual and real visits at a cost of less than a cup of fancy coffee/day.

Don’t Get too Comfortable!

Our patients don’t get to lounge too long in our reception area as there is virtually no wait time. We value your time and try to spend it in consultation with your doctor,not waiting around.

Direct Access to Your Doctor

Your questions are answered in a timely manner (within minutes to 24 hours) by your doctor, whether in an office visit or via your smart phone.

Peace of mind

Unexpected medical events can occur at inconvenient times. Whether it is a cut to the hand that needs stitches or the stomach flu has left you high and dry, requiring IV fluids, your doctor can take care your outpatient urgent issues

Savings that you can pocket

By eliminating the middleman, we are able to pass on deeply discounted prices using local labs on blood tests, partnering with imaging companies and collaborating with pharmacies on medications for price, compounding and delivery.