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The Value of Your Concierge Doctor

Your concierge physician can be a life saver (in terms of time, money and suffering) during these holidays. Read the story to see how one person was happy he was a concierge client!
Oct 21st, 2020

Replenish Lost Facial Volume With Juvéderm® and Look Younger

No matter how young you feel, your age is written all over your face. Thinning skin and lost fat cause wrinkles and lines that can make you look older than you really are. But with Juvéderm®, you can restore volume to your skin and take years off your face
May 14th, 2020

Learn How PRP Can Give You Fuller, Thicker Hair

Thinning hair can be alarming for both men and women. But thanks to breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, you don’t have to live with hair loss. New PRP treatments harness your body’s natural resources to reverse the process. Here’s how it works.
Dec 5th, 2019

Tighten Saggy Jowls Without Surgery

Saggy jowls got you feeling like a St. Bernard, but you’re not ready for surgery? PellevéⓇ radiofrequency treatments boost collagen production and tighten skin so you look and feel like a younger version of yourself – all without surgery or downtime.
Jul 21st, 2019

Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Integrative Health & Heart collaborates with The Pritikin Longevity Center to bring you useful tips on how to limit weight gain during this season....or at least not gain any!
Oct 21st, 2020