Dr. C’s 6 Healthy Habits

Dr. C’s 6 Healthy Habits

I recommend we all practice the 6 Healthy Habits (assuming you don't smoke!): 
1. Practice deep, consistently good quality sleep that helps you feel refreshed when awake.

2. A diet rich in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugar, limiting salt, saturated fat and processed foods, helps repair, build and refuel your body's internal mechanisms and drink caffeine before noon followed by water throughout the day. Avoid alcohol due to empty calories and potential sleep sabotage. Source your food from a better local place, like organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed, free range animal products. 

3. Enjoyable physical activity exercises the heart and lung muscles. Don't forget balance - active rest (walking in nature, yoga, Tai Chi). This balance can increase your physical and mental resiliency, protect your brain from age related decline, increase your health span, and help the creativity and problem solving part of your brain, while you're not looking! All it takes is 22 minutes every day to reap the benefits of regular exercise, even brisk walking. 

4. Appropriate use of medications and supplements that are specific for your needs, provide the body tools to optimize your immune system in preparation for the high stress, heavy travel days. Suggestion: Click on www.chowdhury.juiceplus.com for whole food supplementation to bridge the gap of what you should eat and what you actually eat, especially when negotiating "on the road" food. 

5. Having a hobby (not related to family/work) helps detachment from modern day stressors, with long term benefits (lower blood pressure, improved sense of wellbeing and quality of life, allows productivity, creativity and problem solving to occur). 

6. Oral hygiene, the significant link to vascular disease, is another tool to combat silent inflammation eroding good health. Good habits include brushing twice a day (with a quality electric toothbrush), rinsing twice a day with a mouthwash, brushing/scraping your tongue (especially good for bad breath) and flossing at night. 

These principles all work to help reduce inflammation in the 30,000+ miles of blood vessels each one of has. It is the early erosive actions of the inner lining of these blood vessels that can initiate the disease process towards heart attacks, stroke and dementia. If you want more information or a customized and personalized method to control this process then:
  - visit https://www.AHAforLife.com 
  - register for free and without any commitment - listen to the different parts of module 1.
  - To proceed, visit https://BaleDoneen.com
  - move to the right of the banner and click on provider search to find a trained physician in this method (I am one).

Shahan Chowdhury, MD aka Dr. C Dr. C is a passionate concierge physician in Frisco that lives to prevent heart attacks and strokes (and so much more). She deconstructs the problem(s) and uses an holistic approach to problem solve. In doing so, patient and physician work together to build on small successful steps.

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