IH2 Focused- Programs


Supplements*: physician grade nutritional and hormonal supplements available after testing.

Cardiovascular and stroke prevention*: assessments include detailed family history, lifestyle habits, screening ultrasounds, coronary calcium scores, Corus scores, full body electron beam tomography, advanced blood and inflammatory testing.

Precision Medicine*: a special combination of testing to initially address specific and challenging symptoms: genetic testing (cardiovascular, cancer, dietary etc. and pharmacogenetics), autoimmune assessment and coagulation assessment. Then patient advocacy and collaboration to help utilize the results in a meaningful way.

Sexually transmitted disease management*: blood and sample testing and treatment.

Endometriosis screening*: targeted history with referral and collaboration with DFW’s leading expert in endometriosis.

Female and male hormone replacement*: careful serum assessments before and after implementing bio-identical hormones via different customized methods .

Ultra-prevention*: screening ultrasounds (CiMT, thyroid, heart, lungs, digestive system, kidney and vascular systems).

Medical Weight Loss*: monitored by physician, incorporating body composition analysis, medications (prescribed and compounded) and a choice of 3 programs to best fit you.

Customized employer/employee programs*: flu shot clinics, lunch and learns, onsite services (upon request)

Cosmetic Skin Care*: laser hair reduction, skin rejuvenation (lasers, Skin Pen, chemical peels and skin care products) and skin restructuring (injections – Botox, fillers).

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