My “WHY”?


My name is Shahan Chowdhury, MD and I am a passionate concierge physician that started off in life NOT wanting to be one.  

What made the change?  My father. Essentially, 30 years ago my late father had passed his stress test in London, flew to LA and had a heart attack there. Why?  Back then, we did not have the technology we have today.  Despite having a normal exercise stress test, it was not enough to tell us that his disease was active and ready to block his arteries completely.  

Fast forward to the last 10 years.  It happened again, but to a couple of my patients.  This time, I asked the right questions at the right time and found out what I needed to test and image to assess the actual likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke before it happens.  Out of this knowledge, I began my concierge practice to help my patients understand their health in ways that traditional (read insurance based) practices may not. I could give my patients time to listen and to discuss, teach and understand their health better.  I am able to use evidence based medicine for detailed blood testing and imaging to look “down the road” and see what may happen in the future, if action wasn’t taken now.  

Inflammation is the catalyst, but it comes in ALL shapes and sizes.  Some of you may say, so what? My doctor takes care of all that. Some of you may come from family histories that sound like ticking time bombs and are reading that this is what I have been looking for all this time. Either way, my training and experience in board certified family medicine gives me an excellent advantage to look at a patient holistically - in their entirety. Couple this with my unique testing and working with medical experts, I have a mind blowing way to alter your health, but for the good.

So once upon a time, I was not able to save my father.  However with collaborating partners, I was able to save my mother’s.  Now, it is my life’s mission to help save yours!

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