Ultra Prevention Screen


**This is a screening tool.  Please be aware that these results may require you to have formal imaging to confirm any of these findings. **


  • Left ventricular ejection fraction – efficiency of the heart 
  • Assess left and right cardiac compartments (atria and ventricles) – insights into blood pressure and valve integrity
  • Looks at the efficiency of the cardiac valves
  • May comment on whether there is increased blood pressures in the lungs


  • Assess the lumen of right and left carotid arteries in your neck and feeding your brain
  • Estimates the thickness of the carotid wall thickness – a sign of early disease
  • Assigns an age of your carotids to your chronological age – are you older on the inside compared to the outside?

Abdominal Aorta: screens for aneurysms along the length of the aorta from the heart to the abdomen – in some, this can be a potential silent killer.

Abdominal Organs: looks at the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys .

Peripheral Vascular Flow: efficiency of the veins and arteries in your legs – great information if you tend to have swelling or varicose veins.

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