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Coping with COVID-19 Stress

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National Breast Cancer Foundation

Personally, I have been fortunate to escape the clutches of breast cancer….for now! I had the opportunity to learn more about what complementary medical support there was available and how a diagnosis like this affects someone, right here in my backyard in Frisco. Listening and discussing issues of all types with survivors of varying years and moderated by a kind, experienced and knowledgeable patient advocate has taught me a new understanding of this disease, but through their eyes. When I began to have members of my concierge practice develop breast cancer, I confidently knew how to be a better primary care physician thanks to the openness of this support group. - Dr. Chowdhury

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American Women Muslim Physician Association

The core of being a primary care physician is to promote health and wellness in all parts of our community. So being a Muslim female primary care physician, this was a perfect way for me to donate my time to help anyone, from any faith and background in several of our DFW health fairs. I have watched, with pride from the early years to present, how this not-for-profit organization has educated, evaluated, diagnosed and treated many. - Dr. Chowdhury

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SymplifiHealth: Healthcare Redefined – an Apple Podcast

I am an auditory learner and am always looking for new perspectives on health and wellness. Many of us forget about the pivotal role our oral health plays in our medical health. My good friend and colleague, Dr. Jill Wade, is a beautiful, knowledgeable and generous trailblazer in the dental world. Through Symplifi Health Radio, her team provides medical/dental advice podcast geared to women, but applicable to anyone who is dissatisfied with the “standard of care” mentality. They preach the “optimum level of care” so through better information and better healthcare access their patients become the best. Listeners learn how to build their own blueprint to optimal health. - Dr. Chowdhury

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Perspectives by Ashley Berges

The authentic words spoken in a unique voice holds the listener captive, while this experienced and down to earth psychotherapist discusses events that have resonated with so many. Listen to my two friends discuss issues on their Sunday night radio show on 570AM KLIF, sharing their own perspectives on relevant topics for us all. - Dr. Chowdhury

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“Anatomy of a Patient” by Reginald Harvey and Joy Strickland 

Read how the journey of my good friend, mentor and patient helped him re-evaluate all the stages of his life when faced with a deadly surprise. There are so many things we can learn from each other, but will we? And will we use that teaching? Find out by reading this engrossing tale. - Dr. Chowdhury

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Doodle Dandy Rescue

I love dogs, but I admit I cannot take care of them due to my lifestyle, involving long hours and travel. Even though many can juggle a busy life with the love a pet, some learn the hard way that they cannot or do not have the heart to care for them. This 501©(3) organization rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Doodle dogs in crisis so that they can be adopted into loving and caring families and homes, here in Dallas. My great friend and design mentor, Sally Hammond of Sally J. Designs, has found her new passion in life – Doodles. I have seen how big her heart is and love to support her cause. - Dr. Chowdhury

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Distressed Children International

This is another 501©(3) organization near and dear to my heart due to the connection with my parents’ country of origin. Although Bangladesh is a tiny dot on the SE Asian map, the beauty and warmth of the people can be overshadowed by some of the incredible hardships faced by many of its citizens due to natural disasters, poverty and illiteracy. DCI work to protect the child rights and help families out of this cycle through education, healthcare and income generating opportunities. The intention is to encourage leadership in humanitarianism in those of us more fortunate to help those with less. By sponsoring a child annually for a school uniforms, books and tuition and giving a set stipend to the parents struggling to make ends meet, that child remains in school (and not doing manual labor). Periodic pictures, health and education reports are shared with the sponsors. I had the privilege of meeting my DCI child on a trip to Bangladesh several years ago. - Dr. Chowdhury

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