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Patient Story from Rose H.

"November 20, 2018 was when I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer.

Here it is:

One year ago today(November 20) I was told something that would change my life forever.
You have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Breast Cancer.

To say we were shocked is an understatement! We knew there was something going on with my body but never in a million years expected it to be breast cancer.

I am told by breast cancer survivors that the mental and emotional trauma that occurs from having breast cancer hangs around for a long time! Really forever. I am challenged with this constantly.

You get stronger everyday but it’s always there waiting cause anxiety and get you down emotionally. I am fighting daily to heal my body and my mental well being. I win the battle most of the time.

My support system is amazingand in the dark times these amazing people get me through to the other side. (GOD, my family, friends, my amazing primary care doctor, other survivors). And most importantly Gary has been so amazing and supportive through this fight.

My life has been changed forever and in so many ways it was a good change. Weird to say but cancer blessed me in a lot of ways. My eyes were definitely opened to see things and the people around me differently and more clearly. I appreciate more and don’t take so much for granted.

If you or anyone you know is fighting breast cancer pass along that the National Breast Cancer Foundation (Frisco) has monthly support meetings that are wonderful and have help me tremendously.

Talking to other survivors who understand what you are going through helps with the healing process. There are survivors in my group who have been survivors for over 20 years and some who have been recently diagnosed. We all have different stories but so very similar struggles.

THANK YOU to everyone who loves, supports, and fights this fight with me.

Never stop fighting! Survivor! Warrior!"

Patient Story (Verified Patient): 

Imagine you are by the sea on the Florida coastline with your toddler.  You are far from home when you realize that your ear hurts.  I mean REALLY hurts.  Tylenol nor Motrin cut it. 

What do you do?

  • Do you line up at the local emergency room, waiting to be seen after hours of waiting (and pain) and spending half your Christmas budget on the proposed treatment?
  • Or do you visit the local urgent care, which may be less waiting and less money, (but still the same pain), only to be treated by a hurried physician, who doesn't know you from Adam?
  • No!  You smile inwardly as you text your concierge physician, who knows your likes and dislikes, asks a few clarifying questions and is ready to electronically prescribe your medications to the pharmacy of your choice. Oh! And there's time to text a few words of greeting to your baby girl that you've waited to spend time with.
    These are the actual words of this actual situation:

"Doccccc, my right ear has a constant dull pain.  If I chew on the right side it sends a shock straight to the ear.  Any ideas?" 

After a few questions, it was diagnosed as swimmer's ear or otitis externa.  So appropriate medications were electronically prescribed to the local pharmacy.  A follow up text was sent to the patient the next morning to check on symptoms.

"Good morning, were you able to get your medications and start using them last night?  How is your ear today?" 

The response: "Ear drops save lives! It still hurts a bit."

The empathetic reply: "OK that's better, but it must have been miserable!"

The closing communication: "Freaking sucked doc!" Grateful that I can message you whenever I need you."

Enough said!

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