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If you’re an employer who wants to attract the best talent and retain those employees while also taking care of their health, consider the Accresa health platform offered by Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID in Frisco, Texas. Shahan Chowdhury, MD, and the expert team of providers deliver a wealth of services to your employees and at your workplace. To find out how you can benefit, call the office.

Employee/Employer Programs: Accresa

What is the Accresa employer/employee program?

Accresa is a direct primary care model that fits within an employer’s health benefits offerings. Direct primary care gives people access to quality health care by charging periodic, flat-rate fees for services and leaving insurance out of the equation. Employees can get the care they need without worrying about excessive costs.

Accresa connects employers and their employees with Dr. Chowdhury and her practice so they all can experience better health care.

What features are included with the employer program?

The staff at Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID offers a number of benefits to the workplace. These include flu shot clinics and onsite services, as requested. Dr. Chowdhury and her staff can also offer physical exams and acute care during office hours. The practice has a quality urgent care program, too. Employees can take advantage of after-hours telemedicine, so they always have access to expert health guidance.

Employers are also able to offer aesthetic care to employees at a discounted rate. The Accresa program makes it possible for employees to take advantage of their quality services at an affordable price. The exact discount and availability depends on the plan offered by the employer and the employee’s level of membership.

What are the benefits of the employer/employee program?

Accresa offers a simple computer interface where the employer can manage the direct primary care program and payments. The employer is in charge of enrollment, eligibility changes, and compliance requirements. Plus, the platform is completely transparent in terms of pricing and services provided. The Accresa program allows the employer to manage the rising cost of health care without compromising quality.

Accresa makes health care accessible to employees so they develop a quality relationship with Dr. Chowdhury and the team at Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID. Preventive care becomes more accessible, which means healthier employees and a higher quality of life for them.

Employees enjoy dedicated, concierge-style primary care so that acute or urgent issues are addressed in a timely manner. Plus, if a patient has a chronic condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, Accresa makes access to medical care readily available so that the issue is properly managed and complications are avoided. The platform removes barriers to health care so employees can get the care they need when they need it.

For employers looking to provide the best in benefits to their employees, consult Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID and the Accresa platform for care. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

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