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You want to live a life of meaning and vitality, and your quality of life depends on your health. With ultra-prevention screening offered by Shahan Chowdhury, MD, of Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID, you can discover if you’re at risk for major diseases and learn what steps can help prevent escalation. Call the office in Frisco, Texas to learn how the practice can help you achieve your health goals and maintain optimal wellness.

Ultra-prevention Screening Q & A

What is ultra-prevention screening?

Ultra-prevention screening goes beyond the basic screenings offered at regular wellness checkups and visits for management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma.

Ultra-prevention helps you not just live longer, but also feel and look your best. The staff at Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID collaborates with you to reach your health goals and prevent major diseases.

What conditions can be prevented using ultra-prevention screening?

Ultra-prevention screening is comprehensive. It evaluates your risk of developing specific health issues, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Kidney disease
  • Peripheral artery disease

Dr. Chowdhury evaluates your personal and family history as well as your risk factors, including your weight, blood pressure, and any symptoms you’re having to help her customize a prevention treatment plan.

What tests are involved in ultra-prevention screening?

In addition to a complete review of your medical history, Dr. Chowdhury performs:

  • Ultrasound screenings of your thyroid, kidneys, and abdominal organs
  • Carotid intima-media thickness testing (CiMT) to measure the thickness of the inner layers of your carotid artery
  • Aortic aneurysm screenings
  • Ankle-brachial index testing to test for peripheral artery disease
  • CT scans of the heart to obtain coronary calcium scores
  • Advanced cholesterol blood tests
  • Blood tests to measure inflammation
  • Proactive vs. diagnostic select genetic testing
  • Gut health assessment
  • Autoimmune condition screening

She’ll also check your PULS score to find out if you’re at a high risk of having a heart attack in the next five years.

Who is a candidate for ultra-prevention screening?

Anyone especially concerned about their health is a candidate for ultra-prevention screening. If you have a family history of specific diseases, such as heart disease or stroke, you benefit from these extra screenings to catch any warning signs and get early treatment. The earlier you get treatment, the better your health outlook.

What happens with the results of ultra-prevention screening?

Dr. Chowdhury uses the results from your ultra-prevention screening to develop a customized action plan to optimize your health and prevent disease. This plan includes lifestyle changes, weight loss, smoking cessation, supplements, and medications, when appropriate.

For the absolute best in preventive health care, sign up for ultra-prevention screening at Integrative Health and Heart & Integrative Skin ID. Call the office to schedule an appointment.

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